Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Next Best Thing to a Time Machine... Backing Up Your Data

“Oh no! Please no!”  It’s happened to all of us, that sudden shock when you realize you’ve deleted something really important.  Unfortunately, no one has created a “Go Back in Time” button but we have a near equivalent…

Backing up your data.

If you don't already back up your data, start now. Today. You should backup your data at least once a day, or more, depending on how much information you enter in a day. Also, it's a good idea to create an extra backup every time you undergo a big process that will make a lot of changes.  Then, if something goes awry (human error, virus, hard drive crash, etc.), you can simply go back and recover the pre-screw-up data.  It's like going back in time and righting wrongs, but without something as cool as the Tardis.

PMXpert doesn't have a built-in backup option because backup software is a specialized area and there are so many different products you can buy or get for free. We'll leave backup software to the backup experts.

 There are expanded instructions on taking backups in the PMXpert User Manual (Chapter 11: Utilities, Data Backup.